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An Interview with Simon Mills

Back in the fall of 2000 a band from Nottingham England released an album called Programmed to Love that was one of the very first electronica albums I ever remember listening to, and it ended up making a huge impact … Continue reading

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Influential Media: Bent – Ariels

If you were to ask me at any given moment what my favorite album of all time is and I don’t answer Bent’s Ariels right away, well, then you’ll just have to sleep easy knowing that at the very least it’s … Continue reading

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Napoleon – Foolish Pride

C’est Non Un Blog is going to take a brief break from posting for the next week, but don’t worry.  I’ll be back soon with more new music, among other things.  While I’m gone you can enjoy this fantastically fun … Continue reading

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The Countdown To The End Of The Universe Mixtape

I know, I know. This mixtape has been a long time coming. To give you some sense of how long it’s been “almost” done, I was originally planning on this to be a Labor Day mixtape, then a Halloween one, … Continue reading

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HEARTSREVOLUTION’s debut album ‘Ride Or Die’ was suppose to come out years ago, but they’ve had all sorts of frustrating delays with releasing it that have been really disappointing to those of us that have been following them for a … Continue reading

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Lazy Mountains Mixtape

I had a spark of inspiration for this mix as I was listening songs randomly thrown into my iTunes mixtape folder, trying to organize a playlist. After listening to a few downtempo tracks in a row I thought, why not … Continue reading

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