HEARTSREVOLUTION’s debut album ‘Ride Or Die’ was suppose to come out years ago, but they’ve had all sorts of frustrating delays with releasing it that have been really disappointing to those of us that have been following them for a long time. Thankfully they’re still putting out new mixtapes and songs in the interim, like this new song called “Hello Baby!” The song is a great little bit of catch up that reminds us that even though we haven’t heard from them in a while, they still haven’t gone anywhere.

I really love this song. The beats sound like classic Bent, which for me is always a good thing. (Bent, make some new music already!) And the lyrics just flow off of her lips in a matter-of-fact conversational way, as if she’s right in the room with you, quietly talking in your ear. I love how they’ve tied all of the recent revolutions like the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement into the theme of their band, and those lyrics combined with the beat’s retro vibe give the song an almost 60’s counterculture vibe. Can’t wait for that album to finally come out.

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