The Countdown To The End Of The Universe Mixtape

I know, I know. This mixtape has been a long time coming. To give you some sense of how long it’s been “almost” done, I was originally planning on this to be a Labor Day mixtape, then a Halloween one, then a Thanksgiving one and then, well, you get the idea. You’d think the next logical conclusion would be to look towards Christmas, but when I was going through some random pictures on my hard drive looking for something to use for an album cover I came across a vintage photo with the words “Countdown To The End Of The Universe” superimposed on it and finally, with the Mayan Apocalypse but a week away, I knew I had my theme. This is the music you should be listening to when Armageddon arrives. Or if The End doesn’t come, you’ve still got some good tunes to keep you occupied throughout the holidays.

Pick up the new mixtape here.

Curious, I Googled the phrase “Countdown To The End Of The Universe” to see if I could find a better quality version of the photo I wanted to use and I discovered that it was done by a Mark Richard Miller whose Flickr page actually has an album filled with dozens of different photos with this phrase printed on them. I uploaded some of my favorites to my blog’s Facebook page. Feel free to check it out and use your own favorite for your album cover.

The mixtape starts off with Therapies Son’s “Touching Down”, a song that seems to drift up beside you out of nowhere like a car gliding upon a dark and lonely road. I Googled the song to see if there was a music video to go along with it, and almost by fate I found a video that starts off with an image of the Beast on the Cross and contains psychedelic images of the universe. Is this fate or what?

I put a song on the mixtape by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs that’s called “Tapes & Money”. Tell me that right there doesn’t have a connection to a certain mixtape to the end of the world?

I pulled inspiration for this mixtape from all over. I discovered SoCalled’s “Work With What You Got” playing over the end credits to one of my favorite diamond-in-the-rough movies of this year, ‘Goon’. If you haven’t seen that movie yet you should definitely check it out. Speaking of movies, Twin Shadow’s “Golden Light” reminds me a bit of ‘The Lost Boys’ every time I hear it. Anyone else hear that? Bent’s “Stay Out All Night” is probably the oldest song on the mixtape, released in 2006 on their ‘Intercept!’ album, and I included it because after all this time it still makes me smile. TV Girl’s “Don’t Say No” is actually from a unreleased rarities album they gave away a while ago for donating to their Kickstarter page to get them a tour van. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Tours’ “I Need U” was actually a last minute addition when I suddenly realized right before publication that I had put both Luminary Youth’s and Jay Salinger’s “Never Alone” on the mixtape, never realizing that Luminary Youth changed their name to Jay Salinger and then back to Luminary Youth again and somehow without noticing I had put the same song on the mixtape twice. As long as I’ve been looking at this mixtape and playing with it, I never noticed that before. Thank god I caught that one in time.

Well, that’s all folks.  Dig in.  If you haven’t already, “Like” my Facebook page for all the latest blog updates and if you get a chance let me know what you think of the new mixtape.

LiveJournal for some reason only wants to save the changes to my links when I’m looking at them and I’m sick of fighting with it, so just go to this link to download the mixtape:

1. Therapies Son – Touching Down
2. Dainumo – Revisiting Ruby Shoes
3. DWNTWN – Hungry Hearts (Skeet Skeet Refix) (feat. Lil B)
4. Blood Diamonds – Heart
5. Bent – Stay Out All Night
6. Shine 2009 – So Free feat. Paula Abdul (Jensen Sportag Mix)
7. Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Bufi remix)
8. Blithe Field – In The Moonlight (Slow Magic Remix)
9. Summer Camp – Losing My Mind (Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross remix)
10. Sun Glitters – too much to lose
11. 2Sugars – Eleven Twenty One
12. Edwin Van Cleef – I Feel You
13. TV Girl – Don’t Say No
14. Swimwear – Knocks
15. Charli XCX – You’re the One (Blood Orange Remix)
16. Twin Shadow – Golden Light
17. Groundislava – Weekend in the Tropics
18. Tycho – Coastal Brake
19. POP ETC – Yoyo
20. Luminary Youth – Never Alone
21. Lil B – Real Life (Pictureplane’s Feeling Real Edit)
22. Charli XCX – Spoons
23. SoCalled – Work With What You Got
24. Capital Cities – Safe And Sound (Simon Mills Napoleon Remix)
25. CCERULEANN – Hearts Stop
26. Robots With Rayguns – Sorry
27. The Sounds – Better Off Dead (Young Galaxy Remix)
28. Magic Wands – Treasure
29. Tours – I Need U
30. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money
31. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Chad Valley Remix)
32. Active Child – Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix)
33. Duck House – Flaw
34. Twin Sister – Eastern Green (Taquwami Bootleg Remix)
35. Delorean – Grow (Taragana Pyjarama remix)

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