HAERTS – Wings

wings wings2

The more I hear it, the more I think HAERTS’ “All The Days” is an incredibly strong contender for Song of the Year, if not one of my most favorite songs ever, and “Wings” is right up there with “All The Days” in terms of sheer auditory amazingness. I’m actually surprised that this video for “Wings” was originally released in April, because both the song and video feel like they were made for the crisp weather of Fall, and since their Hemiplegia EP (which features both “Wings” and “All The Days”) came out this week, now seemed like the perfect time to share the video. When I hear HAERTS’ music, I for some reason think of those girl bands you’d always see playing in the background of some dive roadhouse in an 80’s movie that sounded so good you’d momentarily forget about the crap B-movie you were watching and want to know more about the band.  Their music just has that uniquely epic, small town, salt-of-the-earth quality to it that, like the changing of the seasons into Fall, nostalgically reminds me a lot of growing up.

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