Sébastien Tellier – L’amour naissant

l'amourl'amour3The video for “L’amour naissant” (roughly translated “the budding romance”) features a priest and a woman running towards each other on a beach as if to romantically embrace (think: The Thorn Birds), but camera tricks and editing make it so that they never actually reach each other.  Every time you think they are about to connect, they’re suddenly the same distance away as when they started, as if the editing is a visual metaphor for how his priestly responsibilities prevent them from ever truly being together, a symbolic distance that they cannot cross.  The video is really well done, and reminds me a lot of something Michelangelo Antonioni or Luis Buñuel might have dreamt up. The song, a beautifully moody and elegant track off of Tellier’s upcoming Confection (out November 8th), works extremely well with the imagery and the track is very reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg’s classic Histoire de Melody Nelson. With outstanding influences like these, what’s really not to love?


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