Haim – Falling / Don’t Save Me


Despite the fact that I never even knew this video existed until I discovered it yesterday, apparently this isn’t new (YouTube says it came out in February).  “Falling” somehow slipped my attention until YouTube started running banner ads suggesting I watch it after I did my post for “The Wire”.  (Yay for creepy targeted marketing??)  Anyway, thanks, YouTube!

“Falling” finds the Haim sisters lost in the wilderness somewhere between a 70’s Filipino sexploitation grindhouse flick and an American Eagle ad.  There’s booty shorts and dance fishing; I’m not sure what else you would ever possibly need to know before watching it. The song features an extremely catchy retro beat and some pretty fantastic harmonies from the three sisters.  For some reason it reminds me of Toro Y Moi’s new stuff, and that’s definitely a good thing.

FYI, for some reason Amazon is giving away mp3’s of “The Wire” for free right now.  No idea how long that will last, so download that awesome track for free while you still can!

haim_falling_featured-678x430Because I’m feeling particularly Haim-y lately, here’s a video for “Don’t Save Me” that I forgot (ehem, was too lazy) to post last year.


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