Haim – The Wire / Strong Enough


Haim turn gender stereotypes on their head in their new video for “The Wire”, which features the band breaking up with their boyfriends. Flipping things around, it’s the boys, not the girls who go home and cry and pine for their lost loves in tear smeared journals. One of those boys that they break up with is none other than The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone and what I’m wondering is why didn’t they get Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island to cameo as the two other dudes?  Because as we all know, Andy has the best cry face out there.  Seems like a real missed opportunity if you ask me.

Earlier this week another Haim video appeared on the net, this time for their live Like A Version cover of Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough” on Triple J radio.  I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t entirely psyched when I heard it was a Sheryl Crow cover, but the instant those repeated synth chords appeared I was sold.

“The Wire” is taken from ‘Days Are Gone’, which is coming out September 30th.


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