Hourglass Sea – Dream Girl

Hourglass Sea

What happens when you enter the dreams of a teenage boy who fell asleep while watching a commercial for a phone sex hotline?  Well, more often than not, after a little obligatory PG-13 rated boyhood fantasy imagery ripped straight out of Weird Science, what’s left is a lot of anxiety about a lack of athleticism and fears of emasculation.  No one said the mind of a teenage boy was pretty.

Dream Girl

This video for “Dream Girl” is extremely well-suited for this song; the synths have a sensual, fantasy-like quality to them while the frenetic handclaps have a chopped-up, slightly off-beat rhythm that definitely makes one feel anxious.  The whole package put all together is absolutely memorable and I’m really loving this video right now.

Hourglass Sea is giving away for free their entire album ‘Live from the Crematorium’ right now on their Soundcloud page.


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