Elli Ingram – Mad Love / Poetic Justice

Elli Ingram

Elli Ingram is Britain’s latest contribution to the 90’s R&B revival that’s been so popular lately.  She sounds a bit like an amalgamation of Jessie Ware and Adele, a divine combination of sensual soul and big bombastic vocal chords.  The video for “Mad Love” was filmed in the style of early 90’s hip-hop/R&B videos, and it plays with the idea of what a British pensioner’s conception of the thug life might be.  Guns, weed, doilies and tea time. What else could you need?

You can download her debut EP ‘Sober’ for free by signing up for her mailing list or liking her on Facebook.  She’s still relatively unknown so you better get on this soul train before it leaves the station.

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