Goldroom – Pacific

You’ll eventually get to a point in your life when you think you’ve seen water move just about every which way a human being could ever see water move, at which point you’ll probably give up on living because after you’ve seen it all, what else could there really be out there for you?  But then you watch a video like this, featuring some truly astounding shots of waves crashing in slow-motion and you’ll be like, “Well, fuck, I guess I haven’t seen it all.  You win this round, universe.”

Blow this video up full-screen and turn the sound up because you’re in for a pretty good show.  Goldroom’s “Pacific” creates the most sublimely relaxing spaced-out tropical vibe to perfectly compliment your experience.  If you don’t point at the screen, mouth ajar, and mumble to yourself, “I want to go to there…” then this song hasn’t done its job properly.

You can pick up an mp3 of Goldroom’s “Pacific” for free as part of Scion A/V’s Sharkwaves Volume 2 EP compilation, newly out just in time for Shark Week.

Swimming With Sharks

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