Basement Jaxx – What A Difference Your Love Makes (feat. Sam Brookes)

What a difference

Basement Jaxx are back with an all new single “What A Difference Your Love Makes” that sounds exactly like everything else they’ve ever put out…although that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.  This video, filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa, features two boys doing a dance called Pantsula, a dancing style that “became popular in the 80s and is still practiced by the young, fashionable & rebellious in the townships.”  It’s a great showcase for the Basement Jaxx’s multicultural sound, a sound that embodies so many different cultural styles and yet remains uniquely that of Basement Jaxx.  They’re one of my most favorite bands of all-time, and it’s for reasons like this song that I love them so.

Basement Jaxx what a difference

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