Froggy Fresh – Mike’s Mom / The Fight / Stolen Bikes / Me and Daniel Tosh

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on Krispy Kreme, er, I mean Froggy Fresh, and there doesn’t seem like a better time to do a new post than with the release of his newest video for the surprisingly powerful “Mike’s Mom”. “Mike’s Mom” is the latest chapter in the ongoing feud between Froggy and the mysteriously evil James. Is this the end of Money Maker Mike? I guess we’ll have to wait until the next video to find out.

In their last confrontation with James in “The Fight” Froggy got shot and Money Maker Mike got stabbed, so I guess there’s still hope for Mike. What’s up with James, anyways? Why is he such a dick? Can’t two men enjoy wrestling in the playground anymore?

James is one evil fucker. I mean, selling coke AND stealing bikes? What kind of monster steals bikes?

Money Maker Mike has had to take a lot crap from James, losing his bike and mom and all, but even getting shot wasn’t worse than having Krispy say he and Daniel Tosh were best friends. Krispy immediately issued an apology to Money Maker Mike saying that he is and will always be his best friend. Shortly after this incident Krispy Kreme changed his name to Froggy Fresh. Coincidence?

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