Autre Ne Veut – Counting (feat. Mykki Blanco) / Play By Play

Autre Ne Veut is just the latest of the new trend of retro/revisionist 90’s electro R&B that’s become so popular lately, but don’t hold that against him. This is some really addictive stuff. “Counting” features a verse by another up and comer you might remember, Mykki Blanco. This is the kind of music you put over the credits of a really good movie.

My personal favorite track off of the new album is “Play By Play”. When this song builds up steam you’ll want to crank the music up louder and louder and just let that stunning sound wash over you.

The promo video for “Play By Play” isn’t so much as a music video as it is a well done lyrics video made to look like the 80’s karaoke machine seen in the official version of the video. That said, it does contain the full version of the song that includes 2 extra minutes of music that wasn’t included in the official video for some reason. It’s not something I would normally post, but the song is just too good not to share.

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