C’est Non Un Blog’s Top 30 Music Videos of 2013 (Part 3)

Through pure coincidence I realized that I grouped four sports themed videos together for this part of the list. I tried looking for a fifth to complete the theme, but no dice. Sorry.

20. Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont – Safe With You (feat. Malin)

Safe With YouPairs figure skating ends up being a totally apt metaphor for a song with lyrics like these:

And I’ll do anything / you know that / I’ll break my back for you
And you’ll do anything / I know you’ll do, to / keep me safe with you

Malin’s gorgeously fragile vocals eloquently express the trust and dedication that two figure skaters must have with each other to keep from killing each other on the ice. The repeated images of the skaters on top of each other not only looks amazing, but it also shows all the work they’ll put into a routine while also playing with the repetition of the melody. Whenever someone who doesn’t like electronic music asks me why I like music that’s often so repetitive I like to think of something akin to this video. The beauty is often in the repetition itself and the slight changes that occur with the layering of sounds. When I listen to something like this the notes become images much like the skaters stacked one on top of the other in this video.


19. Autoerotique – Asphyxiation

FU3Autoerotique’s “Asphyxiation” (Get it? Of course you do) is the spiritual successor to the movie Dodgeball in the best way possible. Sure, this video is sexist as hell, but at least it’s totally self-aware about its blatant sexism and everyone who participated in it seems to be having a fantastic time playing with those conventions. Sure, the women are barely dressed, at times almost cartoonishly impossibly so, but then again the guys are just as sexualized as the girls, and more than once the girls use sex to score a few points to win the big game. The song’s energetic beat will pump you up and when the music drops out and then cuts back in with a “Fuck you!”, it’s at that point that you know you shouldn’t be taking the video too seriously. It’s all a whole lot of cheeky fun, superbly put together.


18. Froggy Fresh – Dunked On

Dunked OnIt’s been a big year for Froggy Fresh. Back in December of 2012 he officially changed his name from Krispy Kreme to Froggy Fresh and released a new album. Boring ol’ logic (and Wikipedia) might suggest that the name change was because the Krispy Kreme doughnut company threatened him with legal action if he didn’t change his name, but I’d like to think that he did it as penance to Money Maker Mike after mistakenly calling Daniel Tosh his best friend on Tosh.0. That shit just won’t stand. After the name change to Froggy Fresh he went on a roll, releasing the aforementioned album as well as a string of new videos, each one being even better than the last.

For me the real highlight of the lot is by far “Dunked On”. Not only does “Dunked On” have the sickest beat of anything that he’s done so far, but it has to have one of the greatest choruses of all time. OF ALL TIME. I mean look at that picture above to see how excited Froggy is to explain to us all why it is that James is crying. (It’s worth noting that in the previous video James had just murdered Money Maker Mike’s mom, and obviously the best revenge is dunking on him and making him cry like a little bitch.) Sing it all with me: “Why’s James crying? ‘CAUSE HE JUST GOT DUNKED ON!” That’s right, Captain Poopy Shoes. You got served.


17. Hourglass Sea – Dream Girl

Dream GirlAfter falling asleep to late night sex hotline commercials, a teenage boy has a dream about his Dream Girl who appears to him in full Kelly LeBrock Weird Science glory, although when his physical insecurities as well as issues with his parents start to creep into the dream it separates him from fulfilling his sexual fantasy and puts him on a quest to man up and save her. The synth and guitar licks help sex up the 80’s vibes, while the chopped up vocals and rhythm help add to the dreamlike atmosphere. It’s a massive crime that this video only has 700 views right now.

This video’s nerd dream atmosphere actually reminds me quite a bit of #5 on my Top 10 of 2011 list, Destroyer’s “Kaputt”. Feel free to compare and contrast (and feel free to start over-analyzing why I love these videos so much).



TTYN4For quite a while I debated on whether “TTYN” or Little Jinder’s “Whatever 4ever” should fill this slot on this list. While they both fit the extremely-catchy-pop-song-set-at-a-party vibe I was looking for, and while I absolutely love, love, love “Whatever 4ever” and its insanely catchy and singable chorus, its video unfortunately fell a little flat and felt too one note for me to justify its appearance on this list. “TTYN” on the other hand brings with it a whole slew of extra layers and is so much more than just a catchy chorus (although it definitely has that too). Its melody feels fresh and new and the lyrics work on multiple satirical levels, playing off the concept of ditching your friends to grow up and join the rat race with the goal of being successful and wealthy, while slyly suggesting that the alternative is way more fun.

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