Tanlines – All Of Me / Brothers / Real Life

I’m a huge fan of Tanline’s tropical 80’s synth sound, so much so that I’m kind of surprised that this is actually my first post on this NYC band. (I only mention that they’re from NYC because they sound so much like Aussies. Heck, I’m pretty sure this video might have been shot in Australia. At the very least I know its director is Australian.)

Even though it feels like I’ve been following these guys for years, they’ve actually only just released their debut album, ‘Mixed Emotions’ this week. As you can see from the video for “All Of Me”, their infectious beats and melodies can get even the most beat-down middle management bureaucrat to get up and dance.

I was originally going to post the 360 degree video for “Brothers” last week before the video for “All Of Me” came out, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the interactive video to embed, so I just gave up on it. While watching “All Of Me” I realized there was a YouTube version of “Brothers” that you can check out below. If you’d like to see the 360 degree version, where you get to manipulate the camera and choose where the camera moves, just click this link. I really like the idea, I just think the execution is a little lacking. There isn’t nearly enough going on in the video to make it worth swinging the camera around multiple times.

Of course how I discovered Tanlines was through “Real Life”, which is still one of my all-time favorite songs. Here’s a live recording of the song that they did for Seattle’s own KEXP:

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