Saint Etienne – Tonight

It kind of feels like I’ve been a fan of Saint Etienne’s forever (they’ve been making music since 1990, although I didn’t start buying all of their music until a decade later) and so it’s especially nice to see that they’re back together and still making new music. Sarah Cracknell has such an unusual voice; on one hand I’ve always held the opinion that she can’t really sing in the traditional sense, but on the other hand her voice is totally unique and perfectly suited for the type of indie dance music that Saint Etienne makes. While they’ve had some ups and downs in their career, “Tonight” is right up there with some of Saint Etienne’s best work. It’s as light and bubbly as any of their best tracks.

Someone synced the audio of “Tonight” to the dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite and the two of them go together surprisingly well. It’s a really fun video, much better than the somewhat dull official video that you can also see below:

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