Desire – Under Your Spell

You’d think that you’d start to go mad if you had to listen to the same song for 27 minutes straight, and in most cases you’d probably be right, but Desire’s “Under Your Spell” is just one of those songs that I could listen to all day long. Christian Dior recently used 27 minutes of “Under Your Spell” for their Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2012 collection runway show and that song combined with the pristine setting and the amazing Mad Men-esque fashion gives this video an ethereal, otherworldly quality. This is definitely worth checking out, if just to have going on in the background while you do something else, but if you’re also into fashion this is just a fantastic show.

As a bonus, here’s a fan video of “Under Your Spell” made from footage of the film Drive, which is where I (and probably most everybody else) first heard “Under Your Spell.” If you haven’t already seen Drive check it out. It’s definitely my pick for best movie of 2011 and it has such an amazing soundtrack filled with great songs like this one from label Italians Do It Better.

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