Malcolm McLaren – Madame Butterfly

Oh snap, I haven’t posted in a while! Sorry guys. While I regroup here’s a hidden gem from 1984 that I randomly came across the other day.

During his career Malcolm McLaren wore a lot of different hats, including acting as the manager for the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls, discovering “voguing” before Madonna had even heard of it, and he is also famous for introducing the UK to hip-hop music. Pretty crazy for a guy you’ve probably never heard of before, right? [Fun bonus fact: He also did “About Her”, which was featured in Kill Bill Vol. 2.]

In 1984 he decided to fuse electronic music, R&B and opera for his album ‘Fans’ to fantastic effect. “Madame Butterfly” (which contains vocals from the Puccini opera) reminds me a bit of Elite Gymnastics and Slow Magic, the later of whom I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Do yourself a favor and go back and listen to all those Slow Magic songs. They’re all gold.

The video is pretty 80’s. It consists of vacant, Robert Palmer-esque models at a Roman bath, lounging around and basically doing whatever the hell it was that 80’s music video models did in their spare time. The song is a delight. The more I listen to it the deeper it draws me in. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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