The Sound Of Arrows – Wonder

The Sound Of Arrows have finally released their debut album and have a new music video for “Wonders” to celebrate its release. I downloaded the album last night and was kinda surprised to discover that a lot of the new songs that I hadn’t heard before sounded quite a bit like Pet Shop Boys songs, which in retrospect I guess I can see, but I never would have guessed it before listening to the album. You can get just a little bit of that vibe in “Wonders” but I didn’t notice any of that in “Magic”, “Into The Clouds” or “Nova” (all of which I’ve posted previously). Some of the filler tracks on the album, however, I would have sworn were Pet Shop Boys songs if someone had played the song for me and not told me who recorded it. So I guess enjoy the new song “Wonders” below, and if you like Pet Shop Boys, pick up the new The Sound Of Arrows album, entitled ‘Voyage’.

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