Glass Candy – Warm In The Winter

My favorite members of Italians Do It Better, Glass Candy, have a epic new single out called “Warm In The Winter” and today we got treated to the new music video for it. Despite appearing old, the video actually uses recent concert tour footage shot of the band with a Super-8 to help make it look and feel like it was shot years ago. The song is among Glass Candy’s best, seven-and-a-half minutes of pulsating synths and gorgeous, uplifting vocals, and leads me to believe that when a full-length album does finally come out that it is going to be fantastic. With the temperatures finally dropping around the country, it’s the perfect time to crank this tune up in the car and go out for a drive.

By the way, if you like this kind of electro-infused Italio-disco you should really check out ‘Drive’, starring Ryan Gosling. Not only is the movie seriously probably my favorite movie of the year right now, but the soundtrack is AMAZING, filled with fantastic tracks that sound just like the one above.

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