Make Out – You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone

Make Out’s sound is very much early 90’s alternative girl punk, similar to bands like L7, The Breeders or Luscious Jackson, but in “You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone” co-producer MNDR gives their sound a little modern spit and polish to make the song sound like a contemporary explosion of fun and anarchy. The 2 minute long video fits the song perfectly, featuring two of the lead band members going on a rampage through the streets, destroying everything in their path with a “fuck it” spirit of abandon. The video has this propulsive drive that makes it a blast to watch. My favorite moment in the video has to be when she grabs the puppy from someone and you recoil in horror, thinking she’s going to throw it at the ground like she has everything else and, well, let’s just calm your fears right now and just say she doesn’t throw the puppy. It’s a really cute moment.

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1 Response to Make Out – You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone

  1. ianthes says:

    Very cute. I like her style.

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