Toro y Moi – How I Know / Teams vs. Star Slinger – Close To Me

While I hope that every music video I post is going to be super exciting to watch, sometimes you just have to post a video because it contains a good song. Not every video can be a great mini-movie like the Best Coast video I just posted. Toro y Moi’s “How I Know” is a great exception though. “How I Know” is about three guys who enter a house haunted by two female ghosts that just want to have a little fun with them. The song has a 70’s retro feel to it that is perfectly matched by the video, which captures the style of 70’s Euro haunted house horror films perfectly, while being really fun and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. It’s a treat to watch.

Upon checking out the director Jordan Kim’s Vimeo page I discovered that they had made another excellent video for Teams vs. Star Slinger’s “Close To Me” about a space alien that just wants to do a nice deed by returning a pretty girl’s car keys…or does he? I hope Jordan Kim keeps making music videos, because these are really fun to watch.

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