Miles Fisher – New Romance

The last time I wrote about Miles Fisher was when he did a delightful spoof of ‘American Psycho’ for his cover of The Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place”. Well, currently Miles Fisher is starring in the upcoming film ‘Final Destination 5’ and he has a new song out called “New Romance”, so what did he do? He made a Final Destination-themed ‘Saved by the Bell’ parody for his new music video starring the cast of ‘Final Destination 5’, that’s what! Talk about cross promotion! This video is really funny, really well done, and it takes me right back to Saturday mornings around 11:30. (That’s when Saved By The Bell was on, right?)

This has been a great week for fantastic music videos. So good that I’m a little scared to post any new music that doesn’t have an amazing video to go along with it. We’ll see what happens.

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6 Responses to Miles Fisher – New Romance

  1. I could see that one on my phone! And it was good!

    • Good!

      For future reference, I’ve purposefully not included any music that I feature on my blog in my mixtapes, because I assume if people like the songs they just go out and download them on their own like I do. It then came to me that not everyone might be obsessive as myself. Would a mixtape of only songs featured on my blog be of any interest to you? Just taking an informal poll from people I know download the regular mixtapes. You know, I’m not going to bother making one if no one is going to download it.

    • iPhone ready videos

      So I’ve been using the old Vimeo embed code for a while now because the new iPhone friendly embed code wouldn’t work properly with LiveJournal when I first tried it. After you’ve been mentioning that you couldn’t view these videos for a while it dawned on me to try the new Vimeo code again and huzzah! It works now! So from now on I’ll be using the new Vimeo code so you can see all the videos, and I’ll try to go back and change some of the more recent posts I’ve done to work with the new code.

    • Question, do you usually have problems watching YouTube videos as well as the Vimeo ones, or can you watch all of the YouTube ones fine? I’m asking because I’m still using the old embed code with YouTube too.

      And sorry for all the LJ questions today….just trying to get this to work for everyone!

      • LJ has not been emailing me comments!!!!!!!

        Yes I would download a mixtape with songs from the blog, as well as new songs ALSO YouTube is usually fine, but not always. Just depends if it’s Flash or not I think.

      • Well, in the future you should be able to play all of the videos I post on your iPhone. I think I have all of the kinks ironed out, so just let me know in the future if you have any issues playing any of them.

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