Best Coast – Our Deal

I love Best Coast. Their music is so amazing and timeless. And they’ve been fortunate enough to have really fantastic videos to go with their songs. Their newest song/video is no exception. Drew Barrymore directs this West Side Story inspired video starring a very grown up and sexy looking Chloë Moretz and quite a few other celebrities you might be familiar with (Donald Glover, Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey, Alia Shawkat and Miranda Cosgrove, to name a few). It’s a great little four minute movie. I really like the little hidden in-joke that Chloë, who played the vampire in the American remake of ‘Let The Right One In’, is a member of the Night Creepers (whose symbol is a wolf) who falls in love with Tyler, who plays a werewolf on Teen Wolf, a member of the Day Trotters. The style, the cinematography, the acting…all perfect.

[Author’s Note: I just clicked on my Best Coast tag and discovered that this is actually the third Best Coast post in a row that I’ve started off with “I love Best Coast”, or some variation therein. I guess I really must like these guys. I’m really happy to see that they’re really starting to blow up big now. Seriously, if you don’t have their album ‘Crazy For You’ yet, what the heck are you waiting for?]

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4 Responses to Best Coast – Our Deal

  1. Loved this! I enjoy the sound of the lead’s voice. Never heard of them before, but I am going to make sure to get their Crazy For You.

    I never saw the American version, so that has me interested as well. I loved the original one.

    • Make sure to click on my tag and check out the other videos, if you haven’t already. I discovered a bunch of the links were down, so I went ahead and fixed them all last night.

      The American remake of Let The Right One In is almost exactly like the original, so if you’re looking for something different you might be disappointed. It’s still pretty good, but you’re going to get a serious case of deja vu.

  2. Wow, Chloë Moretz was in 500 Days of Summer, Kick Ass, and many others…had no idea.

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