Genki Sudo presents World Order

I have a soft spot in my heart for J-Pop. Sure, most of it is soulless junk, but the Japanese do like to be the weirdest people in the world and from time to time that produces some real gold.

Take Genki Sudo. I kid you not, this guy is an ex-MMA fighter/writer/Buddhist with a record of 16-4-1 who, after he retired from fighting, hired a group of middle-management robot backup dancers and started writing J-Pop songs as World Order. It didn’t come completely out of nowhere that he wanted to become a pop star though. You need to check out his elaborate MMA fight entrances that make Apollo Creed’s James Brown "Living In America" entrance in Rocky IV look subdued and modest in comparison. You can see one of the more elaborate examples of this craziness here.

Genki Sudo came to my attention with the remake they did of his title track, "World Order." They went to New York City and made a shot for shot remake of the video they originally did in downtown Tokyo. Here you get lots of their trademark slow-mo robot walking, as well as other great robot dance moves, while New Yorkers look on with confusion.

In "Mind Shift" the robot businessmen crash someone’s house to have a dance party.

Their newest video may be my favorite. "Machine Civilization" was made in light of the recent tragedy in Japan and really hits upon Genki Sudo’s personal motto of "We Are All One". The video sees them taking over an airport and then later doing some amazing group dance movie in an industrial park that makes them look like parts in a giant factory machine. It’s a very cool video. They’re even giving the song away for free (just look in the comments on the YouTube page).

If these videos don’t put a smile on your face for the rest of the day, I don’t know what will.

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