Grimes – Vanessa (Fan vs. Official)

One of the greatest things to come out of the YouTube revolution is that fans can now make their own music videos for their favorite songs. It’s really amazing that now these videos can come out before the official version is even finished and in a lot of cases they’re even better and more entertaining.

Take for example Grimes’ “Vanessa”. Delicate piano plinking, sci-fi electronic noodling, haunting female vocals, a propulsive dance floor beat. It’s a great little song. Now the official version of the video is fine enough, if a bit boring. The kaleidescope section is cool and some of the reverse motion stuff is interesting enough to watch, but mostly the video is just filled with unconnected hipster images. There’s no drive to the video. It’s Dullsville.

Especially when you look at the fan vid that came out two weeks before the official version. David Dean Burkhart took footage from Jean-Luc Goddard’s Alphaville and edited it to fit this song, and the footage fits the mood of the song extremely well. The video starts off interesting enough and by the 2:10 mark it really kicks into high gear, the montage and subject matter fitting the music almost to a T, creating a little visual tone poem that I’m sure would make Goddard proud. It’s so much better. I’ve watched this version several times while I’m not sure I’d watch the official version ever again.

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