Pogo – One Mushroom Too Many

Pogo first appeared in the public’s consciousness when he put out a video called “Alice,” which was a song he made by sampling bits and pieces from the Disney cartoon version of Alice In Wonderland. The video/song is still extremely popular, and you only need look back through my blog to see plenty of examples of what Pogo’s been up to since then. I saw him play live about a month ago and it was a really great experience. He managed to mix both the music and video clips on the fly to create a really captivating DJ set.

For the first time ever there’s an original Pogo music video out there that doesn’t consist solely of footage from whatever he’s sampling from. “One Mushroom Too Many” is part of an EP called Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole that contains further reworkings from the film Alice In Wonderland. He asked Andreipedia to make this cute video, which tries to show you what it might look like if you indeed had one mushroom too many while listening to this song.

You can download the Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole EP for free from his website here. (Go to the second page, midway down.)

The original “Alice” video:

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