Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes (sometimes known as Weird Tapes, sometimes known as Memory Cassette, always known to be awesome) put out a fantastic album called Seek Magic a while back and they are gearing up to release their second LP soon. The first single they’ve released from this yet to be titled album is ‘Today Is Our Life’. It’s a great track that has a little bit of everything in it. It starts off slow, builds up steam, has a great guitar solo, and then slows back down again. The video takes footage from Busby Berkeley, Man Ray and Herman C. Weinberg films and combines them to dynamic effect.

Memory Tapes : “Today Is Our Life” from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

And for good measure here’s a track from Seek Magic called, ‘Bicycle’:

Memory Tapes – “Bicycle” from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

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