I could have swore I posted the video for Kisses’ ‘People Can Do The Most Amazing Things’ before, but I looked through my tags and I guess I missed that one. It was on my last mixtape, but somehow I forgot about posting the video. ‘Tis a shame, because it was absolutely one of my favorite songs of last year, which I’ll share for you here:

Kisses – "People Can Do The Most Amazing Things" from Kisses on Vimeo.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I guess I’ll make this into a Kisses’ themed post. Their debut, The Heart of The Nightlife is fantastic, as can be seen here, in the song called, oddly enough, ‘Kisses’:

Kisses – Kisses from Kisses on Vimeo.

And finally we get to the new video that made me realize that I never posted any of the old ones: ‘Bermuda’. If you were jonsing for a great track to play while watching old travel videos on VHS, well, do I have the right music video for you:

Kisses – Bermuda (Official Video) from Kisses on Vimeo.

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