Robyn’s had a great year. First she released her two Body Talk EPs last summer and then followed it up with a full-length Body Talk album that cherry picked all the best songs from the two EPs and included several new songs that were just as good as the others. Then she recorded the vocals to Savage Skulls & Douster’s “Bad Gal”, which is on their Get Rich Or High Tryin’ EP. The song has a really funky, almost Basement Jaxx-like beat and some great vocals by Robyn. Plus the video has a fun 1970’s Parisian genre movie vibe.

Speaking of those Body Talk albums, you should really pick them up. Need more proof of Robyn’s greatness? Check out this kickin’ video to “Dancehall Queen”. It has a bouncy dancehall/dubsteb beat that you’ll be humming along to all day long.

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