Bag Raiders

Dance music out of Australia right now hits just the right balance between 80’s New Wave nostalgia and modern electronic club music in a way I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Right up there with a band like Cut Copy is Bag Raiders, who finally after what’s felt like years of great singles released their self-titled debut in Australia back in October. While it’s still not available in the States yet, there’s plenty of ways to find it on the internet. Here’s a few tracks to show you why it’s worth tracking down.

On "Sunlight" they show you why love is a beautiful thing…and also why you shouldn’t get into a relationship with a chimpanzee.

Bag Raiders – ‘Sunlight’ from Modular People on Vimeo.

Bag Raiders have fun with art, Stan Brakhage-esq film techniques and tribal drums in "Way Back Home".

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home from Modular People on Vimeo.

"Shooting Stars" is not only a great song but it’s also probably one of my favorite songs ever, as I mentioned in my write up for my Lazy Mountains Mixtape. If you forgot what it sounds like, here’s a reminder:

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars from Modular People on Vimeo.

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