The Divas Of Late Night (SNL continued…)

Nicki Minaj was a pretty good sport last week. Not only did she play two songs and do The Creep in the digital short, but she also managed to show up for a sketch as well. And what a sketch it was. The Bride of Blackenstein in my opinion is probably the funniest SNL sketch in years. Minaj is so good in this I could almost see her as this new millennium’s Pam Grier.

Another good sport is Rihanna, who recently reprised her role in the Shy Ronnie sketch, “Ronnie and Clyde”.

I was initially excited to see that Rihanna included this song on the deluxe edition of her Loud album, only to be disappointed to find out that they chopped the hell out of this song to get rid of all the Shy Ronnie parts. Unsurprisingly it’s not nearly as good. Oh well, maybe it’ll be on the new Lonely Island disc.

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