SNL Digital Shorts

The beginning of this season of SNL was pretty horrible. In fact, there hadn’t been even been a good digital short in a long while. While I think “Like A Boss” and “Boombox” are fantastic songs, the videos never really did measure up. Things finally seemed to turn around though with “I Just Had Sex.” In fact I think this was probably the most surprisingly funny and fresh short/song they’ve done since “I’m On A Boat”.

The next video isn’t a music video (although it does remind me a lot of People Getting Punched Right Before Eating) but it does have Pee-Wee Herman and Anderson Cooper!

Last week gave us “The Creep” with Nicki Minaj and John Waters. Honestly as good as everything is, the best part about this video is the fact that it was the first place I noticed that Lonely Island has a new album coming out this spring. Sweet!

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1 Response to SNL Digital Shorts

  1. I just happened to watch these three (for the first time) the other day myself.
    I absolutely love the first two, especially!

    (so glad you’re posting!)

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