Loud (Rihanna continued…)

Speaking of Rihanna’s Loud, have you heard this album yet? It kind of looked like she was on her way out after the whole Chris Brown debacle and her extremely dark (and not that great) last album, Rated R, but she somehow was able to turn it all around and put out her catchiest album yet. It’s pop, it’s dance music, and it’s a hellova lot a fun.

The prettiest song by far is “What’s My Name” featuring Drake. The tempo is somewhere between club thumper and slow dance territory, with a little bit of her Caribbean roots peaking through the chorus.

Her newest single is “S&M”. The video is a little too Lady Gaga meets 90’s alternative music video for my taste, but it’s still a pretty catchy song.

Probably my favorite song on the album though is “Only Girl (In The World)”. Great club track.

If you like that and you like Glee-style a capella, you should really check out this video by Mike Thompkins. Not only is it pretty amazing how he does all the musical parts with this voice, but he also somehow got a guest verse from Shad, probably one of the coolest underground MC’s out there today. Check this out:

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