Warm Waves Mixtape

OK folks, I hope you are excited, because it is time for the first official C’est Non Un Blog mixtape! It has a name and cover art and everything! Download it here!

Now granted, I didn’t make the cover art myself. I actually stole it from an ambient chill-out band called Warm Waves (not included on this mixtape) that I discovered this week on a Swedish music blog I also discovered (actually written IN Swedish!) and the image just immediately sucked me in, beautifully visualizing everything this music makes me feel when I listen to it. Plus, even though it looks like album artwork, it’s not actually the album artwork they used for their first EP, which you can find for free here. So I figured, well, somebody better get some use out of it, right?

If you’ve downloaded the two mixtapes I made previously for Amy, then you’re going to have a pretty good idea of what to look forward to here. Lots of music perfect for a summer hipster dance party: cool, breezy, beautiful songs that’ll get your head bobbing up and down and your hips a-shaking.

Highlights include 3 pretty cool covers, like CFCF’s too-cool-for-school cover of How Bizarre, CoolRunnings’ synthy cover of Road To Nowhere that wouldn’t feel out of place at the end of an 80’s movie, and a reggae cover of Express Yourself by Hopeton Lewis.

Moulinex’s Come On Closer (Pinapples) is possibly one of my favorite songs ever right now, with great soaring disco vocals and a beat that always seems to be moving forward, even though it never speeds up.

The Boys Noize remix of FrankMusik’s When You’re Around sounds a bit as if Mozart programmed a glockenspiel into a sequencer for some thumping club music.

If all you know about Pogo’s music is from his videos on YouTube, then you’re in for a treat with his Mending.

Did you know that the industrial band Ministry was originally a synth-pop band in the 80’s? Me neither! Enjoy their She’s Got A Cause from their early album With Sympathy, which doesn’t sound out of place in the least with the other music on this mix.

The Clive Tanaka y su orquesta track I Want You (So Bad) you can actually only find on a mixtape he put out. An ACTUAL cassette tape. Yep, that’s right. No CD or iTunes download as of yet. I’m still trying to find every song on it on the internet. So far I’ve got a little over half.

Finally I’d like to draw your attention to Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand, which is possibly the most infectious song of the summer. Try arguing any different with me and I’ll call you a liar.


Well, I hope you enjoy the mixtape! As always, if you like what you hear I’d like to know. I love finding out what kind of music resonates with others as much as it does with me.

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