Spreading The Love

By the way, my regular readers (all five of you) might be interested to know that I’m now writing for a new blog. Don’t worry, all of my ruminations and suggestions for new music will still be found here, but if you’d like to read amusing essays infused with irony about who I find attractive, you might want to check out People I Want To Bone.

The genesis of People I Want To Bone arose from my friend Brandon loudly announcing in an online chat session that he was surprised to discover that he wanted to have sex with an editor of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. This surprise revelation, coupled with a need to stretch his legs artistically, led him to state that it wouldn’t it be cool to have a document of all of the people he was, er, strongly attracted to. I suggested that the blog should be named People I Want To Bone (that being the crudest thing I could think of at the moment) and long story short, we’re suddenly both writers on a site of that name.

Yes, the site is crude and a little sexist, but it’s all in good fun, along the lines of Stuff White People Like. The goal is to have this thing go viral and become super (internet) famous because of it. And we’re not opposed to adding additional writers to the roster as well. In fact, if there are any ladies out there who think that they can write regular amusing posts about who they would like to bone, we’re all for that. We’re equal opportunity boners. I just hope you get as much of a kick out of the site as I do.

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  1. Well I will definitely be checking that out, haha.

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