Best Coast

This has to be the best summer that I can remember for delivering excellent summer music, which is definitely a good thing, considering all of heat most of the country has had to go through. The latest band to get a truck load of indie cred dumped on them is Best Coast, whose new album comes out July 27th. They combine Southern California surf rock with the grit of NYC girl group vocals. Their first single is the dreamy When I’m With You. The album is really great and you should totally check it out.

What’s the best way to improve your indie cred? Do a collaboration with Vampire Weekend and Kid Cudi for Converse! In the world of hip-hop there is no one that exemplifies indie hipster street cred better than Kid Cudi, and his rhymes sound so smooth over Bethany Cosentino’s breathy ooo’s. I want to know how they made those paper heads so that I can have one. You can get the corporate sponsored single for free here.

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