Shut Up

So I watched My So-Called Life for the first time this week and…I totally love it. Anyone who wishes to geek out may tie up my comment section with important conversations like: Where the hell is Tino? and What’s up with everyone seeing dead people around the holidays???

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5 Responses to Shut Up

  1. I can’t exactly comment considering I haven’t seen it since it was still being re-run on TV a year or two after cancellation. All I remember is that I hated Jordan Catalano and the show generally made me depressed. But I think it’s because I was a teenager and the show was too realistic and just ended up reminding me of how it sucked to be a teenager. I’d really, really like to see it now just because I realize now how good it was.

    Anyway, this is the totally opposite of a Where Are They Now thing, but I was watching People Under the Stairs a couple weeks ago, and Rayanne (sp?) was in it. It took me FOREVER to figure out where I’d seen her before.

  2. you never saw it before? =o

    well, it is good. yep.
    people used to say i looked like her! (back in 9th grade anyway)

  3. Anonymous says:


    Ah, the very reason my dog is named Chase. Identified far too much with Angela and my best friend was even named Ruthann.

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