Differences In Winters

One of the things I missed most about moving from the East Coast was the snow. Not only did it tell you when you passed from one season to the next, but it looks damn pretty. Last year we got snow maybe twice in Seattle, but it was a really wet, messy snow that was gone within hours. And that was that.

This year, not so much. We’ve gotten quite a bit of snow in Seattle in the last week and a half. Of course, in New York it would barely be considered anything of consequence, but in Seattle, well lets just say the end of the world comes to mind. Everything has shut down, it’s amazing. You can’t do anything, go anywhere. The roads are covered with a good 1-4″ of solid ice on them. Just walking down the sidewalk is an adventure. It is quite an isolating feeling.

Some of the ways NY and SEA are different: In New York if you stood on a busy intersection you would probably see a snow plow drive by several times in an hours span. In Seattle I have yet to see a single plow, outside of the news. In NY half the pickup trucks you see have plows on the front. Here, none. In NY I never saw chains of a vehicle before. In Seattle almost everyone has chains on their tires. Pure insanity.

Just trying to take the bus is an adventure. What should normally take me 15-20 minutes to get to work now takes between a hour fifteen to two hours. Even riding on the bus makes it feel like you are skating on ice. Roads are closed everywhere, and it doesn’t even look like a person has touched them since putting up the road closed signs. Pure insanity, definitely something I’ll never forget.

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  1. jeremytblack says:

    Yes, I remember this. My first year of college in Seattle we had a quick and brutal ice and snowstorm. I decided to get rid of my vehicle after that for a variety of reasons, but a trip from the U District to Cap Hill was the catalyst for that decision. I grew up and learned to drive in Wisconsin and drove through some hella snowstorms, but one day of trying to drive in a snowy Seattle did me in. 🙂

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