This is for you, Sara:

CBS almost put on the air a new pilot featuring zombie sex.  Possibly the greatest/weirdest pilot ever made.  Read all about it and see some amazing video clips here.

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4 Responses to This is for you, Sara:

  1. That is so bizarre. And yet it looks like it could have conceivably been good (although the “crime drama” bit seemed a little too much…)

    Also, RAY STEVENSON! I love him. I see him and I just want to shout “13!!!” (If you haven’t seen Rome, you should.)

    • I loved the whole “How do you know it was a murder?” “Because the person murdered was ME!” bit. Very funny and over the top. Reminded me of Fido, which BTW have you seen that yet? Comes out next week on DVD if you haven’t. It doesn’t have zombie sex but it does have lots of IMPLIED zombie sex. So I know you’d love it. 😉

      I love Rome. Rome is pretty much the only reason I haven’t deleted the four unwatched episodes of Journeyman from my DVR yet. I’m just hoping that I watch it one day, really love it, and then get all caught up.

  2. Oh, and another thing. This week has been big for friends alerting me to zombie sex…. Dave e-mailed me a few days ago with a link to a comic in which there are zombies having sex. What do my friends think of me?

    • I think it is more just that Fall is the zombie time for love, much like how Spring is for the living. Zombies see those rotting leaves and just want to get it on.

      You know me though. Anything cool and zombie related I have to share with you, because without you there would be no zombie love for me. And by “zombie love” I mean that I love zombies, not that I’m into the zombie sex or anything.

      BTW, did you see that there was an Ash vs. Marvel Zombies comic out? If you haven’t read the original Marvel zombies comic you should definitely pick that up. Hulk and Spider-man make for great zombies. I should be getting the Ash one today in the mail. I’ll let you know how it is.

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