Seven Things I Love RIGHT NOW

Fall – Best season ever? I think so. Cool temperatures, no humidity, changing leaves, clear blue skies, that feeling of going back to school. I love it. It reenergizes me before the long dark winter. I kind of miss not being in New England right now, because everything is so perfect there, but Seattle isn’t bad when it comes to fall. Nearly the same as back home. And so far it hasn’t rained nearly as much as everyone made it out that it would.

My DVR – God bless the man that made this invention. I can now come home late from work and not miss a minute of my shows. I can watch a show AS I AM TAPING IT. I can easily fast-forward through the commercials. I can also tell it to tape something once and it just keeps taping it. I rarely ever watch live TV any more.

Cold Beer – Tough day at work? Nothing helps you chill out better after a hard day than a cold brew and a funny TV show. Right now I’m trying out Alaskan Amber. Nothing but local brews for me. The day I buy a case of Coors is the day I die inside.

Cute Girls – Pretty much the only thing better than a cold beer to cure that I hate work thing.

People Who Aren’t Assholes – Seems too obvious for this list, but God, is it not. If I have to talk to one more asshole, douche bag, or shit-for-brains I’ll kill someone. And need a lot of cold beer and cute girls to talk me off the ledge.

Easy Street Records – CDs have officially supplanted DVDs as my addiction of choice. New CD day has taken on a new meaning. I’ve got one of the countries best independent music stores basically two blocks away from where I live. It’s awesome. I’m literally drowning in new CDs. You know that idea you have in your head of the music geek that lives in Seattle? Well, you’re looking at him.

My Apartment – When I finally clean it to the point where there isn’t garbage everywhere, I’ll let you know what it looks like. I finally got all of the Ikea boxes out. Now it is time to clean. That is, when right after I do laundry in my crappy building machines.

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