Napoleon – Step Off


I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been entirely way too long since I’ve last updated the ol’ blog.

There’s lots of excuses. Not just the usual procrastination/laziness ones, neither. I actually (cross my heart) had a weekend full of blogging all planned out a while back. And then my computer blew a fuse and was in the shop for over two weeks. After that I got called in at work to do a bunch of overtime, which was great for my paycheck but bad for my health, causing me to get sick and not care much about blogging. And then, as we all know, once one thing snowballs into another and you get out of the habit of regularly posting, well, everything goes to shit.


I’m sorry for that, loyal readers. I’ll try to be better. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a fantastic fan mash-up of blog favorite Napoleon with everyone’s favorite scene from Napoleon Dynamite? I’ve seen lots of great mash-ups of various songs with the famous dance sequence from the end of Napoleon Dynamite, but this video is far superior in every way to every other one I’ve seen thus far.

The trick is that most of the other videos I’ve seen seem barely edited. People just sync the video with the sound, press play and let the magic happen on its own. Romain Bezzina has carefully edited the dance sequence with other scenes from the film, matching each shot perfectly to the theme and rhythm of the music to create one seamless music video that uses the footage so well that it feels as if it were made for this video, not the film. This video feels like a mini-movie in its own right. Couple that Napoleon’s magnificent song, “Step Off”, and you’re in for a fantastic ride. After watching this home run of perfection I knew it had to be the video to kick off my posting yet again.

Go here to pick up a free download of “Step Off”. Or better yet, go to Napoleon’s Bandcamp page, download his sixth EP of the year, A Night Voyage, on which “Step Off” was originally featured. And while you’re there download every other EP and album on the site, because as I’ve mentioned numerous times before everything on there is amazing. There’s no way you can regret that decision.

While we’re at it, if you haven’t already Like and Follow everything below. Only 2,100 Likes on Facebook? Come on, guys. We can do better. If we show Simon enough love maybe he’ll release his eagerly awaited 10th EP of the year.

Like Napoleon on Facebook:
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If that weren’t enough, don’t forget to check out my interview with the man behind Napoleon, Simon Mills, here!


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