Kiesza – Hideaway / Giant In My Heart

Hideaway Hideaway1Hideaway5For what seems like months YouTube has been bombarding me with ads for “Hideaway”, insisting that I write this video up, and gosh darn it if those ads didn’t eventually wear me down. Watch out kids, because this song is gonna getcha. It starts off quietly, innocent enough, until that House beat kicks in and those “Ooo….ahhh…ahhh….ooo’s” cause some fuse to be lit in your brain and damn it if your booty isn’t involuntarily shaking itself all around the room.

If watching her dance in this video in one continuous take wasn’t impressive enough, she’s recently recreated the video for her live television appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live. That Jimmy one is especially impressive.


Giant In My Heart

While we’re at it, why not share Kiesza’s huge House anthem “Giant In My Heart”? The video echoes the song’s theme of seizing the day and being your best possible self by telling the story of a drag queen who’s drowning pretending to blend in with the rest of the world and only really feels empowered when she’s strutting her stuff at the club.

You can find both songs on Kiesza’s Hideaway EP

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