Allie X – Bitch

Bitch Bitch1 Bitch2Allie X’s “Bitch” has already carved out a little place in my heart as one of my favorite videos of 2014. Instantly its eerie, swirling tones sucked me in while a voice reminiscent of Lana Del Ray–only with more heart, soul and ironic self-awareness–burst out amongst thick, pulsating synthesizers ripped straight out of an 80’s midnight movie. In fact the general tone of the video and its subtle (and not so subtle) use of apocalyptic imagery (the grainy VHS footage of a grindhouse flick; pushing shopping carts past people with skulls for heads; images of mindless consumerism; superimposed atomic bomb blasts; ironic smiley face balloons; manipulating the image with the use of mirror imaging) reminded me of one of my favorite films, Repo Man. The video isn’t flashy by any means but it subconsciously packs a huge wallop, and the song’s epic and immediately memorable melody make this one of the best songs of the year.

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