DyE – She’s Bad (feat. Egyptian Lover)

She's Bad2She's Bad3She's BadIf the name DyE sounds vaguely familiar to you it’s probably because his trippy, outstanding and completely fucked up NSFW video “Fantasy” is still burned into your subconsciousness. Still not ringing any bells? Feel free to check it out again if you dare; we’ll wait.

For his second album Cocktail Citron Paris producer DyE has teamed up with 80’s Electro pioneer Egyptian Lover for “She’s Bad”, a dancefloor killer filled with deliciously chunky old school 808 beats. The song is about a bad girl “who’s too sexy for human beings” and the rather brilliant video superimposes wildlife footage over the aforementioned bad girl and her unsuspecting date. While not quite as messed up as the “Fantasy” video (really, what could be?) “She’s Bad” still has a hell of a twist at the end, so consider yourselves appropriately forewarned that this one is NSFW.

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She's Bad1


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