Låpsley – Station

Station Station2 Station3

Låpsley (aka Holly Lapsley Fletcher) is the 17 year old singer/producer from Liverpool that created this beautiful track that you are about to listen to that caused the whole internet to collectively flip its shit today. I still can’t figure out what the chorus is suppose to be. To me it sounds a bit like “Parga wahga yu”, whatever the heck that means, but I don’t care if it makes sense or not. It sounds amazing. That’s all her, by the way. To get the deeper male vocal parts she just dropped the pitch in her vocals and made it work.

Låpsley released the official video for “Station” today, but David Dean Burkhart, being the forward thinking genius that he is, put together his own video for the track last Wednesday, using grainy footage from vintage home movies to really heap on the nostalgia to this quiet, understated stunner of a song. As always, he knew what kind of footage would work just right for this project and take the music to a whole new level. Watching the song and video put together, it doesn’t just feel like you’re taking a peek through a window into some other time and place, but you actually feel like you’re living and breathing in the experience, as if you can hear the sweet whispers the couples are saying to each other, smell the fresh summer air fill your nostrils, and feel the delicate heat of the sun reflecting off the water warming your cheek.

[EDIT: I just heard from Låpsley who informed me that she’s “sing singing ‘I could walk you’ btw but I pronounce ‘walk’ fully so may sound like ‘walker’ haha x” Thanks for the heads up, Låpsley!]

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