Rollergirl – Skater Lady / #billyocean

Skater Girl3Skater Girl2Skater Girl

After a much needed post-holiday hiatus (that went on perhaps a bit too long, I admit) C’est Non Un Blog is back with more great music for 2014! And to get things rolling (so to speak) I’ve got some really fun roller disco tracks to share with you from a new artist I discovered called Rollergirl. I’ve written about my absurd love of roller disco in the past, so as you can imagine I was thrilled to find a new artist with a similar passion who’s sole purpose is re-imagining roller disco music. “Skater Lady” has a very classic funky disco sound with just enough of a twist to update disco for a new generation.

I knew that I’d seen clips from this movie before (check out Miami Nights 1984’s “Ocean Drive” video) and I was really curious as to what film it came from, so I sent a message to Rollergirl to see if I could track down the name of that movie. Turns out it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. These clips come from 1979’s Roller Boogie, starring Linda Blair all grown up (yeah, that Linda Blair), a delightfully nostalgic look back at a simpler time when the fad of roller skating was apparently all anyone cared about. I got Roller Boogie in the mail the other day from Netflix and I have to say it was pretty much everything I had hoped it was going to be, filled with lots of roller skating (and not a whole lot else), perfect for fans of Breakin’ (who wish that movie had a lot more roller skating in it).

billyoceanThat dialogue you hear at the beginning and end of “#billyocean” is also from Roller Boogie (you can even see some footage from the movie in the background of the video at certain points). I’m not as big a fan of this video as I am “Skater Lady”, mainly because the featured rollergirl in it seems stoned out of her mind for most of the video, but the song is still pretty sick, so strap on some skates and get your boogie on.

You can download Rollergirl’s self-titled first LP for free off of their Bandcamp page.


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