Tinashe – Vulnerable / Ecstasy

VulnerableVulnerable2I’m not 100% sure if this is the official music video for “Vulnerable” or if it was just something they cobbled together from rehearsal footage, (the title at the beginning of the video makes me believe the latter; the strobe footage at the end of the video makes me think the former) but either way, it’s a pretty killer song. I recently discovered Tinashe’s new Black Water mixtape and it’s pretty spectacular, filled with dark R&B that sounds like what might have happened if Aaliyah ever got to work with The Weeknd.

EctasyUpon visiting her website I discovered that she’s actually already released a decent amount of music on several mixtapes and–for now at least–she seems to be giving it all away for free. Check out “Ecstasy” from her Reverie mixtape below, and if you want to hear more you can go to her website to download Black Water, Reverie and more.

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