The Music Matters Mixtape

Just in time for the holidays it’s C’est Non Un Blog mixtape time! And in the spirit of giving I’ve got a doozy of a mixtape to share with you. After I put together my last double-shot of mixtapes to help celebrate the launch of the new website I started my usual ritual of collecting a new batch of songs for the next one and before I knew it I had way more songs than I needed. Since things went so great the last time I put out two mixtapes at once I figured why not just make one big mixtape and split it into two parts? Because, let’s face it, music matters.

Music Matters

You can download part one here and part two here. (Or if you want to be all fancy, just click on the album covers.)

This mixtape takes its name from the oldest track of the bunch. Buried deep in the mix you’ll find Faithless’ fantastic song “Music Matters” from their album To All New Arrivals released in 2006. That song pretty much answered the question bouncing around my head of why I bother to go through all the time and effort necessary to put these mixtapes together: because music matters.

I’m the kind of person who needs to have music constantly playing in the background where ever I am. I’m not sure what my life would be like without new music. It always irks me when people say that there’s no good music being put out today. Just because Top 40 radio sucks (and has pretty much always sucked) doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of talented people out there putting out new and interesting music that you should be listening to. I scour dozens of Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube pages every week looking for that next big new thing because I know it’s out there, waiting for someone like me to find them. These mixtapes, like all of the music videos I also write about, are just my way of bringing back all the little treasures I’ve found so that I can share them all with all of you.

Music Matters Part 2

65 tracks in total. Over 4 and a half hours of music. If you can’t find a new favorite song in this eclectic collection of noise then I’m not doing my job properly, because there are some properly amazing songs in here. As always let me know what you think and give me a shout if any of the links aren’t working. Enjoy!

Tracklisting after the jump:

Part 1

  • 01. James Tambiance – My Love (Intro)
  • 02. Saint Pepsi – Strawberry Lemonade
  • 03. Annie – Hold On
  • 04. Dead Girlfriends – Words With Friends
  • 05. Portland – Deezy Daisy
  • 06. Anoraak – Summer Is Over
  • 07. Svndaze – Runaway
  • 08. Superhumanoids – Mirrors (Cosmic Kids Remix)
  • 09. Cut Copy – In Memory Capsule
  • 10. Jaysways – Surround Me (Cosmos Midnight Mix)
  • 11. Leapling – Neutrino
  • 12. Braider – H1h
  • 13. Groundislava – Time Alone
  • 14. Napoleon – Lament
  • 15. Cristallin – Grand Combin (Cass. Rework)
  • 16. CFCF – Beyond Light
  • 17. Wise Blood – Alarm
  • 18. Jaaska – Suko Patterns
  • 19. Fantastic Fantastic – Houses (CCERULEANN Remix)
  • 20. Goldroom – St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith Cover)
  • 21. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill (The Heat mix)
  • 22. Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Niva Remix)
  • 23. Haim – Send Me Down (Kisses Remix)
  • 24. Sellorekt/LA Dreams – Avenue Electric
  • 25. Selva Oscura – Mid Spring
  • 26. Keep Shelly In Athens – Fokionos Negri Street
  • 27. Elton John Vs Pnau – Sad
  • 28. No crAss – The Lust (James Tambiance Remix)
  • 29. The Hood Internet – RIPism (Young Jeezy vs Alex Metric)
  • 30. Tensnake – 58 BPM (feat. Fiora)
  • 31. The Weeknd – Wanderlust
  • 32. Sterling Flow – With Or Without You

Part 2

  • 33. Arcade High – One Year Ago
  • 34. Mirror Kisses – Haunt Me
  • 35. TWOS – Be The One
  • 36. Szjerdene – Linger Well
  • 37. Arcade High – Running to You
  • 38. Emiliana Torrini – Caterpillar
  • 39. Germany Germany – Youth
  • 40. Postiljonen – We Raise Our Hearts
  • 41. Bronx – Coconuts
  • 42. Jaaska – ☆fruit
  • 43. Keep Shelly In Athens – Oostende
  • 44. Saint Pepsi – Skylar Spence
  • 45. Body Language – The Chasing
  • 46. Halina Larsson – Fires And French Horns (Niva Remix)
  • 47. Faithless – Music Matters (Feat. Cass Fox)
  • 48. Teen Daze – Tundra
  • 49. Danny Brown – 25 Bucks (feat. Purity Ring)
  • 50. Fred Falke – Aurora
  • 51. Cauzndefx – Feel Goods Per Second (prod. by Brad Givens)
  • 52. Ebony Bones – I See, I Say
  • 53. Chad Valley – Real Time
  • 54. Napoleon – Jazz Steps
  • 55. Shlohmo – Ghosts pt. 2 (Groundislava Cool Mix)
  • 56. Anoraak – Falling Apart
  • 57. Active Child – Calling in the Name of Love
  • 58. Cut Copy – Meet Me In The House Of Love
  • 59. James Tambiance – My Love feat. Patrick Baker (No crAss Remix)
  • 60. Thundercat – Oh Sheit it’s X
  • 62. Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection
  • 63. Haim – The Wire (Farhot Remix)
  • 64. Laura Welsh – Undiscovered (Blonde Remix)
  • 65. Cherokee – Don’t Matter (feat. Darian)

If the MediaFire links for some reason don’t work you can try downloading parts one and two here.

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9 Responses to The Music Matters Mixtape

  1. mmjunior2 says:

    I feel the same way when people say things like “rock is dead.” umm, no. What they really mean is traditional radio is dead. And even that is debatable… I love the The Black Keys, for example, as mainstream as they may be.

    Anyway, my main point of commenting… have you thought about making your playlists in Spotify too? For me, that would be a much easier way to check out these tracks.

  2. Downloading now! Looking forward to listening.

    (In reference to previous commenter’s comment, what about Soundcloud?)

    • If you know of an easy way for me to get new music out to you just let me how to do it. I’ve never really messed around with SoundCloud except to listen to/download new music, so I’m not really sure how things work on the other end. I’m not opposed to doing things on any of these other services, but it can’t be too time consuming because I already spend to much time working on the mixtapes the current way I do them. But yeah, if you’ve played around with SoundCloud fill me in on the tricks of the trade.

  3. mmjunior2 says:

    In a lot of ways, making a Spotify playlist is about the same process as making playlist in iTunes, except you (and the people who listen to your playlist) don’t have to have local copies of the songs. One drawback is that Spotify doesn’t have rights to everything, so it’s still somewhat limited.

    I’ve had Spotify for a while, but only recently began to understand it’s power. 🙂 I also have the app on different devices at home (Roku and Sonos), which allows me to listen to stuff easily on the stereo.

    I think you’d like it, Ben. Maybe. Or, hate it. One of the two. 🙂

    • I’m not opposed to streaming music services like Spotify in theory, but in practicality I’m currently sitting on 33GB of music on my hard drive that I’ve yet to put into my iTunes, and that’s just music I’ve downloaded in 2013. I’ve got at least another 112+GB of music I haven’t listened to downloaded from years past. So yeah, if I want to discover some new music all I have to do is reach into my hard drive and just put something new in iTunes. Heck, if I want to discover something new all I have to do is put my iTunes library on shuffle. Making mixtapes just became a way for me to collect my favorite songs so I wouldn’t lose them to the massiveness that is the 61,390 songs currently sitting in my iTunes. So yeah, so while I think Spotify is a great app for a lot of people, for me it doesn’t really make much sense.

      If you know of a way to make playlists without having to pay for the service though, I might look into doing that for people such as yourself.

      (BTW, one of the cool things (I think) about my mixtapes is that I throw in lots of stuff that you might not be able to find anywhere else, like Spotify. Just sayin’.)

  4. mmjunior2 says:

    Fo sho! I was checking earlier and, not surprisingly, I couldn’t find some of your songs on there. Anyway, it’s free on the PC. (You can upgrade for for ad-free listening and the ability to search/play any songs on other devices, i.e. mobile – but the basic software is free, and does NOT need to be linked to Facebook, although they try hard to get you to do that)

    Once you make a playlist, you can share it a number of ways — i.e. right-click to get a URL (which you can post on FB or wherever) or get the embed code to make the tracks playable right on your blog, etc.

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