Postiljonen – All That We Had Is Lost / Atlantis / Supreme


I think it’s about time I formally introduced you all to the auditory magic that is Sweden’s magnificent Postiljonen.  When I originally sat down to post something tonight I was really only thinking I was going to share this brand new video for “All That We Had Is Lost”. Your ears aren’t deceiving you, yes, this is in fact a reinterpreted cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”, now with more saxophone and heartbreak.  It’s so, so good, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Postiljonen’s new album, ‘Skyer’.


As I was prepping my post for “All That We Had Is Lost” I caught a glimpse of a link on the side of the screen for “Atlantis” and I clicked on it, and it was at that moment that it came back to me how great an album ‘Skyer’ truly is.  Postiljonen is dream pop at its finest. Synth melodies that wash over you, warm and comforting; sax solos that uplift your spirit without feeling clichéd; vocal harmonies that feel like they emerged from within a dream originating in your own mind.  In case you were wondering, it’s bands like Postiljonen that are why I still write about music for a blog like this.


I first teased ya’ll with Postiljonen’s genius through Niva’s remix of “Supreme” on the Can You Take The Heat??? mixtape.  The original version of that song is just as good as the remix, if not better, with a chiller, breezy vibe that floats across your ears like willow seeds caught in a summer wind.  If the first two songs hadn’t already convinced you, “Supreme” should be the final sign that you should probably start downloading ‘Skyer’ right now.

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